EDC3100 wk 1 and feeling very overwhelmed


Feeling overwhelmed probably doesn’t fully cover the panic stricken thoughts in my mind and the gut wrenching feelings I have in my stomach as I continue to push through the week one learning path on studydesk. As I try to set up all my digital tools I am constantly wondering if I am on the right track, are they going to work and AHHH I don’t understand!!! Although I am surrounded by ICT’s in my home and use them quite frequently, I have managed to make it this far by only using them in a basic manner, in which I can do what I need to. I mean, I have only just started making use of OneNote on my laptop! So as you could imagine, I am freaking out while I try to create my own blog, and understand what Diigo and Feedly are!!!

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Hopefully I won’t be running for the hills before my next post!



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