Courses that tried to transform my learning?

When considering this question and reflecting on my experience at university so far, a couple of courses came to mind. In one particular course I had to create my own website in order to link with my on-campus group members. I had to produce a visual art piece and post a photo of it in process and completed on my website. Through the groups online connection we were able to view each others artwork and post our reviews for all to read. This website also allowed our markers to view our artwork without the need to submit a hard copy. Although this type of assessment did not deepen my understanding of visual arts it did enable me to learn new ICT skills in order to complete it. However up until now I have not needed to make further use of my website. From this course so far I can see that having a website for parents to access may provide more opportunities for collaboration between myself and the families and for greater involvement from them, particularly from working families. I think I may need to reconsider the use of my website and make changes in order for it to meet the needs of the intended audience.

Feel free to check out my previous website 🙂


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