Would homework be more enjoyable with the use of ICTs?

After reflecting on her previous ICT knowledge, Tejal brought my attention to the website Studyladder. Tejal mentions:

Every day after school he spends some time logging into the Studyladder website and engaging with all the tasks that have been set by the teachers.

This made me reflect on my own experiences of helping my children with their homework and the battles my husband and I have when trying to make it an enjoyable and positive experience. It also got me thinking of a segment on TV this morning regarding the debate on homework where some parents were calling for homework to be removed and others suggesting homework demands be reduced. Maybe this is an opportune time to think of homework and how it is carried out differently.

Could the use of Studyladder where teachers can use a “homework program” for year levels up to grade 6, provide more opportunities for parents to support and engage with their children in positive learning experiences?

The implementation of such a website for homework would replace the old school style of homework worksheets and result in less marking for teachers, as the site provides instant feedback. These are just a few positives however as in most cases there are also negatives to this. How could we combat the equity concerns? For example, not all homes have a computer or any other device for the students to access the website.

I wonder if this is something that could be addressed on a government funding level?? A big ask probably but just a thought. I’m interested to know what other ideas people might have so please feel free to leave a comment if you like 🙂


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