ICTs used for ‘brain breaks’

brain pic

After school of late my 9 year old son has been by passing his Dad’s iPad on which he usually plays Minecraft and instead has been jumping straight onto our desktop computer. I was nicely surprised when he told me he is visiting the website GoNoOdle to complete activities. He informed me his teacher has been using it in class most days and he loves it! Further to this my 7 year old son has been joining in on the fun 🙂 As they reach new levels, after performing various physical activities such as Kids Zoomba, they are introduced to new, very creative looking characters.

So because they have been spending so much time on this website I decided to have a look at it myself and found out teachers have been using it at different periods of the day not only for ‘brain breaks’ but also to stimulate their motivation and to release energy and regain focus on learning. I remember being introduced to Brain Gym in a PD once a few years ago which involved participants standing and completing various physical actions in order to get both sides of the brain operating. GoNoOdle seems to be the latest, highly improved Brain Gym that’s specifically tailored for primary students! The implementation of this ICT may very well reduce the amount of brain implosions in today’s classrooms 😉


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