80+ Google Forms, I hope to use at least 1!

After visiting The Curious Creative’s blog I was thrilled to see a list and links to at least 10 Google Forms he had already created and used in his classrooms plus a PPT of another 70 uses for Google Forms.

Prior to visiting this blog I had no idea what Google Forms was about. Now I have accessed The Curious Creative’s Getting to know you form and edited it for my own use. My aim is to attempt to share the form with the students at my next prac, hopefully they will have access to computers or iPads and I can do it early on in my prac. Once they have access to the form they can fill it out and submit it, giving me access to their responses on one spreadsheet. I am very excited about this and realise it’s not transforming their learning but hey I’m taking babysteps 😉  I may look into the other forms and use them as well or even create my own but at this point I’m chuffed with this little find and can’t wait to use it!

If you do check his blog out I hope you find it as inspiring as I have 🙂


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