Worldwide library of educational resources

While doing some reading for another course I came across a web tool that can support teachers with their planning. Glogster EDU is a web tool that users can access anywhere and at anytime. It provides students, teachers and schools access to the Glogpedia Content Library, an online library of reusable resources covering topics from history to health and fitness. Users are also able to create their own multimedia glogs with the tools to mix text, audio, video, images, graphics and more from the users files, Glogster’s pre-designed graphics, or from the web using the inbuilt Web picker browser. The list of uses for this in the classroom is really endless, limited only by one’s imagination! However this web tool doesn’t end there, it also has a new iPad app 🙂

I know, it sounds great right? Well so far I think so too but it does come with a price which differs depending on if it’s for the use of an individual class or whole school, and whether for a primary or secondary school. The pricing though is pretty reasonable and is something I would definitely consider.


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