Preparing for prac

Now that Assignment 2 is in I am now focusing my attention to getting ready for prac.

What I thought was going to be a more relaxed two weeks prior to prac I found out in the lecture yesterday (yes, as I am behind in learning paths) that we have 4 Cyber Space modules to complete and Part B of Assignment 3 to complete before prac. On top of that I am also doing another assignment in advance for one of my other courses as it is due while I am on prac. So I’ve gone from a full on last couple weeks to more. At least the next week and a half is a bit more exciting as I will be preparing to go out and actually practice teaching with REAL live students! lol

Anyway, I have taken on board David’s suggestion of setting up a Trello account and will hopefully find it useful for my prac preparations. I am also thinking I will use it to replace my children’s current morning to do checklist which is on a mini whiteboard. I implemented this to help them take more responsibility for getting themselves ready for school but I think they are bored with it now. I was wanting to replace it with something more fun and inviting and Trello may just be that! Maybe when the semester is over I will have time to see what Trello can really do, as I certainly don’t at this point.

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