Final week before prac

Currently I am slowly but surely working my way through my ‘before prac starts to do list’. I have completed week the week 10 learning path (once I’ve posted this blog url on Study desk), completed the Cybersafety modules, found out my placement and set an email to the coordinator to organise a visit this week and made albeit very small a start on my assignment for my second year course. Although, now that I know I will be with a year 1 class on prac I may hold off and see what ideas I can get from my mentor as I had chosen to base the assignment on the year 1 curriculum.  But then again I might not as I would rather get most of it done before I go on prac and tweak it while on prac if needs be.

Anyway, in regards to reflecting on the Cybersafety modules, overall I found them pretty useful. I did make notes as I progressed through them to share with you. I thought the toolkit provided some very useful resources that I have downloaded in order to access throughout the rest of the degree, if needs be and when I am a professional teacher. However, I thought the 2007 statistics provided regarding student online use was quite outdated. In a time where peoples ICT use is dramatically changing I am sure the stats provided would be fairly different to more recent stats. Although I found the interactive activities relative I was hoping for some feedback on the advice I had written for particular characters. I am unsure how this would be possible but think it would be extremely useful in checking if we are on the right track with how we could approach certain students and situations. I also found that on a particular page we were encouraged to visit the glossary to check our understanding of certain terminologies, however when I did this a number of the words encouraged to look up such as Trojan and antivirus, were unable to be found in the glossary. But I agree with Rebecca that the links provided to class resources and support for families are great and might be handy at prac, oh except I haven’t figured out how to download the documents provided for IWBs on their suggested units of work. Will have to look into that. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can access them?

Well, I’m off to continue working through other items on my ‘before prac starts to do list’.



Oh and here is my certificate.



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