Prac experience

I did want to post blogs during my prac experience but I found myself extremely busy!

So instead I will just write posts reflecting on my time.

Week 1.

After meeting my mentor and the year one class the week before prac started I was feeling fairly prepared and organised as my mentor had started mapping out when I would teach. This was very important as she already had a student from a different uni who was going to be there the entire time I was. My mentor was determined to make it work.

Monday morning I arrived nice and early, 7:45am, as this school started at 8:30am, to find I was alone in the building after seeking guidance on how to get into the classroom from a teacher passing by. My mentor arrived at 8am and informed me the Deputy needed to see me and to take my belongings as she didn’t know how long I would be. I had no idea what was going on. I was informed by the deputy that I had been allocated to a new year 1 class which had a shared teaching arrangement. So first thing Monday morning I had to meet one of my new mentors, who only just found out that morning they had a student and start all over again. As you could imagine my mentor was not prepared for me and for the first two days, as she did five days a fortnight we were chasing our tails. Wednesday that week I met my other mentor and taught my first whole class lesson. Thursday we had the under 8s day festivities where I supported my mentor by running one of her stalls. This was a very exhausting day! Friday was parade, art and free choice with a few assessments thrown in.

At this stage I was still feeling fairly unprepared and uncertain of what I was to teach, having two mentors at different times in the week provided a bit more of a challenge! However it did get better 🙂


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