My second week on prac

So, changing from one mentor to the next was proving to make it a little bit harder when trying to be as planed and organised as I’d like. However, they were very happy for me to nominate lessons I wanted to teach and ICTs I wanted to use. Once again I have been very lucky with the mentors I have been allocated to! After starting to get concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to integrate enough ICTs I was feeling a bit better as I had planned to use three throughout the week. I had planned to use the Interwrite Dualboard with the interactive pens, I can recall feeling slightly apprehensive as I had observed how temperamental the board was for my mentors. The light was yellowing and the collaborating process often failed to work. I was also going to use an online video to explain a science concept and my iPhone to take a photo for their investigation.

The online video and use of my iPhone went well, however, as mentioned earlier the Interwrite Dualboard and interactive pens did not want to collaborate so I had to improvise using the laptop and mouse.


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