Week three

The last week of prac saw me integrate the most amount of ICTs, not because I needed to squash it in for assignment 3 (because I didn’t) but because both my mentors and I were finally on top of our planning. I find that’s always the case with my pracs, I finally feel like things are going great and I have really settled in and it’s time to leave 😦 But back to what I was saying…lol I have used a lot of my lessons from week three for Part D of my final assignment. This is when I could best draw on the successes and not so and identify the factors behind them. I must admit thinking of three different insights was a bit more difficult and honestly prob not the best element of my assignment. But anyway it’s done and I’m fairly relieved, just one other assignment to do by Monday for another course and I’ll be somewhat of a free person! hehe

Feel free to send me some motivation!



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